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This guy knows real estate marketing and how to find motivated sellers How would you like your business name to be so memorable customers contact you directly when they're ready to sell regardless of market conditions?

If you want to market your "We Buy Houses" business like a master real estate investor regardless of the market's volatility building your business into the profit-making machine you always dreamed, I can help you. 

The system is the leading unbundled business development program for Real Estate Investors.  This program has proven effective at turning not only my business but also our member's businesses into streamlined money-making machines.

It's fast, easy, reasonably priced, and produces measurable results

You should consider joining

   If you want a professionally designed website presence for your business. 

  If you are interested in being associated with a nationally recognized brand that is easy to remember
      and maintain your independence within your market.

  If you want to receive highly motivated, qualified sellers delivered to your in-box.

  If you are interested in getting the tools you need to launch your own lead generation system you can close more deals faster.  One that gets...

Motivated Sellers To Call You
All forms of making money in the Real Estate Investment game begin with finding a good deal. A motivated seller who will sell property at a discount of about 20 to 40 percent off its retail value.  Whether you plan to buy and hold property, lease it, fix it up and sell it, or just get paid to “bird dog” for others, you must first find the undervalued property. 

Without a good deal you cannot make money in Real Estate. 

Finding and purchasing undervalued properties, and turning them into instant or long-term profits, is the key to making money and being successful.  So how do you find these leads?  Well most real estate investors use...

Traditional Methods of Motivated Sellers Lead Generation
And when I first entered the Real Estate Investing business I did this too. I did what I suppose many beginning Real Estate Investors did, I read all the real estate investing books I could get my hands on and purchased almost all of those really expensive “Get Rich Quick” programs out there. Can you blame me?

I wanted to be successful! 

I also used all the traditional methods most Real Estate Investors over the years have tried to find undervalued or distressed Real Estate. 

You are probably familiar with many of these techniques:

Joining Real Estate Investment Associations to network and pick-up tips Cruising neighborhoods looking for absentee owners or run-down properties.
Chasing foreclosures Attending auctions
Attending tax sales Paying “Bird Dogs” to identify opportunities
Dropping direct mail campaigns Making deals with Real Estate agents to buy property they couldn't turnover.
Placing local newspaper ads Attending networking meetings to find leads

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And I did make some money...but nothing close to the millions these high-priced programs promised I would.

I'll tell you more about that in a minute but let me share with you what happened to the overall market that really... 

Revolutionized The Way Consumer's
Sell, Buy and Shop For Real Estate

Real Estate investors websites to attract motivated sellers leadsToday's Internet looks quite different from what many investors pictured just a few years ago. Around 1993 and 1994, many thought that the construction of a global “data superhighway” would be driven by the desire of consumers to watch movies on demand.  At the end of a workday, they expected home users in the industrial countries and in urban centers would sit in front of electronically enhanced television sets and select the evening's entertainment from a vast menu of films and variety shows.

What actually happened around 1993 to 1994 came as a surprise.  A new software program called Mosaic made it easy for users to display multimedia documents (text, color images, sound, and video bites) from the Internet.  With the click of a mouse, a user could jump from any ``page'' on the Internet to any other.  The World Wide Web was born.  The sudden rise of the World Wide Web showed that there was a huge demand for text and image-based applications received through personal computers.

The Web Explodes
Technology has evolved and consumers have become more computer savvy now using the Internet to evaluate the value of their property, sell property, and even search for property online.

As Real Estate Agents and Investors began to create websites customers were faced with a lot of confusion when it came down to actually choosing between the hundreds of options out there.

These Agents and Investors did not have established brands and customers had so many choices and had no way to evaluate who they were buying from and quite frankly, whether they could be trusted.

The Evolution Of
Bright Idea on how to find motivated sellers and gain real estate investing leadsOne day after considering all I had been through, it dawned on me...there was a better way.

If I assembled a group of professional Real Estate Investors and convinced them to pool their advertising dollars, we could market more effectively to customers using the internet than if we each tried to do it alone.


Such a simple concept, really

We would...

  • Select a catchy name, one consumers could easily remember, recognize and trust.
  • Develop a franchise "Big Company" appearance without all the hassles of dealing with franchise rules.
  • Create a simple turn-key process for setting-up affiliates that enabled them to receive leads via fax, email, text message or all three.
  • Select exclusive territories and all the leads generated in their territory from their marketing efforts would be theirs, exclusively.  No bidding wars with 2 or 3 other investors, just a small network of experienced professionals working together to benefit the entire network.
  • Enjoy the ground swell of awareness created by the individual marketing efforts of each member.
  • Share the benefits of rolling-out a massive Search Engine Optimization effort that would be too expensive and not practical for a small website owner.
  • Benefit from economies of scale provided by removing redundant steps.
  • Become such a high-demand, well-recognized brand, that prospective sellers would immediately identify with us when they were ready to sell property.
  • Receive a flood of unsolicited leads from sellers ready to sell their property, because they would know exactly who to call. The name would would be so effectively marketed that it would be branded in their brains at a subconscious level.
  • Totally re-engineer the process, so customers called us instead of us searching for them! 

Who Am I…And What Does This Mean For You?

Motivated Sellers Home on a lakeMy name is Scott Patterson and I founded in January of 2007. is an Internet-based direct solution, connecting customers and investors anytime, anywhere with personalized property quotes, end-to-end property closings, and award-winning customer service.  In February of this year, this concept was officially rolled-out nationally, and now is available to you.

This program offers U.S. Real Estate Investors a hassle-free way to buy residential and commercial property and provides sellers a quick and easy way to sell their property to an experienced Real estate Investor. 

In addition to operating, I operate several other Real Estate marketing ventures in addition to my own Real Estate Investment firm.   

Why Does This Matter?

Well there a lot of frauds out there, inexperienced folks positioning themselves as experts only to take your money and not deliver on their promises.  In addition, I have been in your shoes and have worked my way to success, by applying techniques you only learn by being in the trenches.  I developed based on my experiences and I want to share this program with you.

Here Is How Cash Home Buyers Works
When you sign-up to become part of the CashHome network you will receive a broad range of benefits from our program.

Not only will we drive sellers directly to your in-box, the spillover effect of the combined marketing efforts will create a high-demand for your services...for years to come. 

Some of the benefits you will enjoy as a member of my program:
  • The advertising efforts of thousands of members combined for maximum impact.  This creates lots of spillover traffic for network members marketing the same name.
  • Enjoy instant credibility through your association with our nationwide network of professional real estate investors.
  • A professionally designed web page you can easily personalize to promote your real estate investment business.
  • You exclusively control all the leads in your geographic territory and motivated sellers have a 24/7 way to contact you without interrupting you while you sleep.
  • We create the ads, optimize the site and keyword selections so you don’t have to.  You will be able to slash your advertising budget significantly! It is easier to use our site to generate your traffic.
  • Behind the scenes you will have access to other experienced, professional Real Estate Investors coast-to-coast that will help you grow.  You will no longer need to spend your time on forums teaching newbies the ropes.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone and increase the amount of time you spend trying to find ways to grow your business.
  • This automated program, delivers qualified, motivated seller leads to your in-box daily, and allows you to protect your valuable time from interruptions and unproductive activity.
  • Use our highly recognized name in your marketing materials.  Integration of the Cash Home Buyers logo in your own marketing campaigns will provide added brand awareness and credibility to your Real Estate Investment firm.
  • Run your business from where ever you want.  There are no restrictions to where you do business.  You choose where you work from an office, home or the beach.
  • Work by yourself…or as a group.  Run your business part time or full-time it's your business and your choice.  We just send you the leads you generate from your marketing efforts! 
  • Pick your own style of investing pre-foreclosure, short sales, subject-to, cash, etc. whatever type of investing you prefer. 
  • You own the leads—you can work them, sell them, or sell the contracts.
  • No per deal fees for buying or selling houses.
  • An assortment of Post Cards, Flyers, Letters, Logos, and a variety of other valuable time-saving business forms for your use at no extra charge.
  • No costly franchise fee or long-term commitments on your part.

Cash Home Buyers Marketing PackageHere's What You Get

When you sign-up to become a member of the CashHome network you receive an entire marketing package.

Our competitors normally charge between $1,000 and $2,000 for a similar system.  When you sign-up...

You get a professionally designed web page you can easily personalize to promote your business and present an accomplished presence for you business on the internet.

You get to use the name in all of your marketing efforts. This nationally recognized and easily remembered name will build the credibility of your business and separate you from the other fly by night We Buy Houses companies.

You get exclusive access to all leads generated through our search engine optimized site without having to hassle of having to do this yourself.

You get access to custom designed logos you can integrate into your marketing materials.

You get access to custom postcards, letters and flyers you can use to effectively promote your business.

You get access to a forum of experienced, non-competing Real Estate Investors who are there to field questions, share trade secrets and brainstorm solutions to tricky situations.

You get pre-formatted client negotiating tools to keep you organized and better able to track your progress including a buyers chart, a sellers chart, a call log, and a property information sheet. 

You get business forms customized with the logo you can use to communicate with motivated sellers and potential buyers.

And, the site is constantly being updated and new resources added to help you continue to grow your business.

Investors Say...
This program has been a phenomenal success!   Members are raving about the program, the high-quality leads they are receiving, and the high percentage of leads they are closing. 

But hey you don't have to take my word for's what some of our investors have to say

    Wow, all of my postcards, flyers, and marketing materials are made for me and all I have to do is drop in my phone number and print. 

    Not only that but the name communicates instantly my business message so I can be far more effective with my marketing efforts.

    Geraldine Shaw

    Branding my Real Estate Investment business with the Cash Home Buyers name was the best decision of my career. 

    Thanks for all your help.

    Scott Taylor

    Just like you I have spent tons of money on seminars and real estate investment courses.  I felt like I was just spinning my wheels until I ran across CashHome 

    You were right, this is all I really needed.  I would highly recommend CashHome to any one who is serious about the real estate investment business.

    Jamie Callahan

    I looked into other websites and even thought about making my own and was shocked to find that was less expensive and included everything I needed to successfully market my business.

    And my business was live instantly!


    Shirley Marshall

    I've been a Real Estate Investor for 27 years and I have never found a better resource for highly-motivated sellers to find me than
    Andrew Kern

    If this does not convince you that this program will send a flood  of highly-qualified leads to your business with you barely have to lift a finger I'm not sure what will.  But just in case, I want you to know that I am prepared to stand behind this program...


    I am so confident this system will provide tremendous value to your business I guarantee it.

    If you do not feel this is the easiest, and most effective way to set-up a website for your business, just contact me and I will cancel your membership and refund your last month fees in full.

    You keep all of the marketing materials as my gift to you for giving Cash Home Buyers a try.

                    real estate investor marketing to find motivated sellers                  

    Act now and you get a $30 bonus discount!
    Don’t expect any high-pressure sales pitch to convince you to join the program, the response I have received since launching the program has been overwhelming.  This program is a good deal for the price and the territories are limited.  I can only take a certain number of members and then the doors are gonna shut forever.

    Think it over and if this sounds like the program for you, go ahead and sign-up now! And, if you
    act quickly you can take advantage of my limited time $30 discount on the initial set-fee. If you sign-up now. (Use discount coupon code "30" at check out expires November 28th 2008)


    **New** Video Tutorials On Click Here

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    Thank you for your interest in Cash Home Buyers and welcome aboard!


    real estate investor marketing to find motivated sellers
    Scott   Patterson

    P.S. is a direct solution, connecting customers and investors anytime, anywhere with personalized property quotes, end-to-end property closings, and award-winning customer service.  Our program is like no other program out there and territories are moving fast.  Sign-up today to get the territory you want!

    P.P.S.  If you do not feel this program is a good deal for the investment you can cancel at any time. 

    P.P.P.S.  This is a limited time offer and if you act now you can get a $30 discount (enter "30" in coupon code) expires November 28th, 2008 on the set-up fee.  However you need to act quickly, I won't be able to offer this discount forever and once the territories are filled we won't be soliciting any more new affiliates.

    P.P.P.P.S.  You no longer have to break your back identifying leads through the traditional methods, like I did.  This fool-proof approach is revolutionizing the Real Estate Investment Industry. is another product, bringing real world real estate investor tools and knowledge to the real estate investor with out the gimmicks and fluff.
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